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Conquering the Cloud Resume Challenge

21 March 2024

Developing my development skills by wrestling with AWS IAM policies and facing the wrath of YAML indentation.


A Comparison of Haskell and Standard ML

23 December 2023

Haskell and Standard ML are two popular functional programming languages with varying degrees of type safety and functional purity. Both languages have heralded type systems that implement compile-time static type checking with polymorphic types and pattern matching.


The Anxious Listener, the Barber’s Chair, and the Summary of a Life in Half an Hour

23 December 2023

Approaching the door, you glance into the glass window at the fibrous mop on the crown of your head. This has been a long time coming. Slipping into the door with five or six other customers impatiently waiting, you find the only spot open in the lobby, the wall next to the product placement, and browse anything and everything on your phone.


Photos and the Crystallized Moment

17 February 2023

What is the feeling of a photograph? When you look at a photograph that has crystallized a moment into a frame, it almost becomes a placeholder of emotion. For each person’s face holds the semblance of a once-felt emotion in that moment, yet simply peering at their faces through that glassy crystal of a picture frame reminds you of how it felt to be there.


Characters and the Crystallized Story

9 January 2023

Art is a funny thing — it's a difficult thing. When stories begin to feel real, like you've taken part in them, when you remind yourself that it's not real, what's real seems painfully boring, and you want to step back into that world.


UX: Illuminating Intention

5 December 2020

A major part of interface design is providing the user with *actions*. An interface can have a variety of user actions, each with a different intention and goal, that guide the user through the application and allow the user to accomplish tasks. Each choice increases the complexity of the user's decision. How do you, as a designer or developer, effectively guide the user to the action they should take?


Object-Oriented Programming and Metaphysics

29 May 2020

Object-oriented programming has a few basic principles: abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. These principles are all combined to create objects. But what really are objects?